Software Engineers and Developers jobs in New York City, USA

Here’s a list of 20 companies in New York City that often offer jobs for Software Engineers and Developers, along with their descriptions and career page URLs. Additionally, I’ll provide a list of 20 job web portals for your job search.

Top 20 Companies in New York City:

  1. Google
    • Description: A multinational tech company known for its search engine and various software products.
    • Career Page URL: Google Careers
  2. Facebook (Meta)
    • Description: A social media and technology company known for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
    • Career Page URL: Meta Careers
  3. Amazon
    • Description: A global e-commerce and cloud computing company with a significant tech presence.
    • Career Page URL: Amazon Jobs
  4. Microsoft
    • Description: A leading technology company known for its Windows operating system and software products.
    • Career Page URL: Microsoft Careers
  5. IBM
    • Description: A multinational tech company offering various technology and consulting services.
    • Career Page URL: IBM Careers
  6. Twitter
    • Description: A social media platform where users can post and interact with messages called “tweets.”
    • Career Page URL: Twitter Careers
  7. Spotify
    • Description: A music streaming platform offering a wide range of songs and podcasts.
    • Career Page URL: Spotify Jobs
  8. Uber
    • Description: A ride-sharing and food delivery platform.
    • Career Page URL: Uber Careers
  9. Lyft
    • Description: A transportation network company similar to Uber, specializing in ride-sharing.
    • Career Page URL: Lyft Careers
  10. Salesforce
    • Description: A cloud-based customer relationship management platform and enterprise software company.
    • Career Page URL: Salesforce Careers
  11. Square
    • Description: A financial services and mobile payment company.
    • Career Page URL: Square Careers
  12. Bloomberg
    • Description: A global financial information and media company.
    • Career Page URL: Bloomberg Careers
  13. Etsy
    • Description: An e-commerce platform focused on handmade and vintage items.
    • Career Page URL: Etsy Careers
  14. Dropbox
    • Description: A file hosting service and collaboration platform.
    • Career Page URL: Dropbox Jobs
  15. WeWork
    • Description: A flexible workspace provider.
    • Career Page URL: WeWork Careers
  16. Squarespace
  17. Vimeo
    • Description: A video-sharing and hosting platform.
    • Career Page URL: Vimeo Careers
  18. Zocdoc
    • Description: An online medical appointment scheduling service.
    • Career Page URL: Zocdoc Careers
  19. Peloton
    • Description: A fitness equipment and media company.
    • Career Page URL: Peloton Careers
  20. Datadog
    • Description: A cloud monitoring and analytics platform.
    • Career Page URL: Datadog Careers

Top 20 Job Web Portals:

  1. LinkedIn Jobs
    • Description: A professional networking platform with a job search feature.
    • Website URL: LinkedIn Jobs
  2. Indeed
    • Description: A popular job search engine with a wide range of job listings.
    • Website URL: Indeed
  3. Glassdoor
    • Description: A job and company review website that also lists job openings.
    • Website URL: Glassdoor
  4. Dice
    • Description: A specialized job portal for tech and engineering professionals.
    • Website URL: Dice
  5. Monster
    • Description: An online job search platform with a broad range of job listings.
    • Website URL: Monster
  6. GitHub Jobs
    • Description: A job board specifically for tech roles, often listing positions at tech startups and software companies.
    • Website URL: GitHub Jobs
  7. Stack Overflow Jobs
    • Description: Known for its Q&A platform for programmers, Stack Overflow also offers a job board for developers.
    • Website URL: Stack Overflow Jobs
  8. TechCrunch Jobs
    • Description: The well-known tech news website TechCrunch also has a job board focused on tech and startup roles.
    • Website URL: TechCrunch Jobs
  9. AngelList
    • Description: A platform connecting startups with talent, often listing tech and engineering positions at startups.
    • Website URL: AngelList Jobs
  10. SimplyHired
    • Description: A job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources, including company websites and job boards.
    • Website URL: SimplyHired
  11. CareerBuilder
    • Description: An online job search platform with a wide range of job listings across various industries.
    • Website URL: CareerBuilder
  12. ZipRecruiter
    • Description: A job search and recruitment platform that connects job seekers with employers.
    • Website URL: ZipRecruiter
  13. The Muse
    • Description: A career platform offering job listings, company profiles, and career advice.
    • Website URL: The Muse
  14. CareerJet
    • Description: A job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources worldwide.
    • Website URL: CareerJet
  15. SimplyTechJobs
    • Description: A job portal specializing in technology and IT roles.
    • Website URL: SimplyTechJobs
    • Description: A job portal specializing in remote and telecommute job opportunities.
    • Website URL:
  17. FlexJobs
    • Description: A job portal focused on flexible and remote work opportunities.
    • Website URL: FlexJobs
  18. Jobspresso
    • Description: A job board for remote and telecommute job listings.
    • Website URL: Jobspresso
  19. Authentic Jobs
    • Description: A job board for creative and web professionals.
    • Website URL: Authentic Jobs
  20. Hired
    • Description: A job marketplace that matches tech talent with companies.
    • Website URL: Hired

Please note that the availability of job listings may change, so be sure to check these websites regularly for the most up-to-date job opportunities in the New York City area or your desired location.

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